iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator

The Trade Grade iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator takes salt water pools to the next level.  Using smart technology with built-in intelligence iChlor provides pool owners with unmatched convenience and control.  User friendly control and precise output level s allow for easy set up and proper adjustment to chlorine levels.

SmartSense™ Detection

Our advanced features deliver consistent operation and important safeguards to protect your family.

  • Detects ​some automatic pool cover​s
  • Reduces chlorine output when the automatic pool cover is closed
  • Detects IntelliFlo® Pump activity
  • Prevents the generation of chlorine when the pump is not activated

Ordinary Table Salt. Extraordinary Technology.

Adjust the sanitizing level in 1% increments from 1-100% to achieve the precise level of chlorine.


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