Properly winterizing your spa will save time and money when you re-open your spa in the spring, so you can start enjoying it again as soon as the weather warms up. If you choose not to maintain your spa over the winter in the Northeast, where the climate allows freezing temperatures, it’s especially important to close your spa properly because freezing water can seriously damage your pipes and equipment. Let the experts at Pools & Spas Service, Inc. make sure your investment is protected.

We winterize all major brands, such as Amish Country Spas, Artesian Spas, Arctic Spas, Baja Spas, Barefoot Spas, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Bullfrog Spas, Cal Spas, Caldera Spas, Catalina Spas, Clearwater Spas, Coast Spas, Dimension One Spas, Dream Maker Spas, Emerald Spas, Hot Spring Spas, Hot Spot Spas, HydroPool Spas, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, L.A. Spas, Limelight Hot Tubs, Master Spas, Maax Spas, Marquis Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, Pinnacle Spas, PDC Spas, Premium Leisure, QCA Spas, Saratoga Spas, Strong Spas, Sundance Spas, Sunrise Spas, Thermo Spas, Twilight Series Spas, Viking Pools Northeast, Vita Spas, and many more…

Spa Closing includes:

  • Test equipment functions and verify jets, air, and water controls are functioning properly. Document any non-functioning devices
  • Real time managerial oversight from a certified Hot Tub Technician of services rendered for quality assurance
  • Terminate tub power and drain water
  • Remove necessary side panels to access equipment
  • Disconnect necessary plumbing, and blow out all lines leaving them free of water
  • Evacuate all water from spa jets and drains
  • Vacuum spa dry
  • Remove cartridges and give them to homeowner for safe storage
  • Remove all drain plugs from equipment
  • Disconnect all necessary unions from equipment
  • Blow out all equipment
  • Reinstall side panels
  • Put tarp or winter spa cover on spa(supplied by client)



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