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BIOSHIELD U.V. Steralizer

New!  For total peace of mind and the cleanest pool you have ever had.  Call Pools and Spas Service Inc. today for information on the Pentair Bioshield Ultra Violet Steralizer.

bioshield promoPool water can be a breeding ground for several kinds of harmful bacteria and pathogens that can cause Recreation Water Illnesses (RWIs). That’s why Pentair has harnessed the power of UV light to neutralize bacteria and prevent its reproduction. The BioShield® UV Sterilizer provides instant protection as it “zaps” those harmful waterborne pathogens, providing cleaner, safer pool water for friends and family.

  • Kills harmful bacteria and reduces chlorine smell.
  • Reduces eye irritatation
  • Extends the life of salt water cells
  • neutralizes 99.9 percent of pathogens and bacteria



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