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Pebbles With Glass Pool Finishes


Shimmer and Sparkle for Years to Come

Add pizzazz to your pebble pool finish with a Touch of Glass! These unique finishes are accented with sparkling glass beads. From a subtle sprinkling, to an equal measure of pebble and glass beads, give your pool the precise look and feel you desire. Pebble With Glass Finishes are a unique blend of select pebble aggregates and proprietary polymer-modified Portland cement. This unique blend is ideal for new or existing submerged surfaces in gunite, shotcrete and concrete pools, spas and water features. The further addition of ceramic coated aggregate and/or glass beads offers a variety of colors and textures. Various aggregate sizes are available to fit any design requirement. Every pebble with glass finish we install at Pools & Spas Service, Inc. offers the pool owner extremely durableand attractive alternative to traditionalwhite pool coatings. This is a highly recommended product that can make your pool shimmer and sparkle for years to come.


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