Looks Like Pebble, But is Smooth Like Plaster

A Formulated pool finish system created from a stunningly smooth mix of marble and glass aggregates that is polished to perfection using diamond abrasives. Sparkling mirrored highlights make PolishedScapes as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch. PolishedScapes finishes can be re-polished many times bringing back its original luster.


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Water Color: Light Blue

PolishedScapes Surfside produces a contemporary pastel blue pool water color. In deeper waters the color resembles a robin’s egg while shallow areas appear nearly white. This swimming pool surface finish is silky smooth to the touch.

Summer Breeze

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Water Color: Light Gray

PolishedScapes Summer Breeze is a gorgeous gray polished pool finish with hints of blue, transforming pool water into an elegant shade of cadet blue. Product appears brighter in deep areas and takes on a light gray appearance in shallow water. Polished technique creates a smooth, flawless surface.

Break Water

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Water Color: Medium Blue

PolishedScapes Breakwater is so bright and beautiful that it emanates color from every inch. Polished marble and glass aggregates create an incredibly smooth pool finish surface.

Coral Reef

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Water Color: Light Green

Looking for the perfect green water color for your poolscape? Make your dream a reality with PolishedScapes Coral Reef pool interior finish. Its sand-colored marble and glass aggregates give your water a fabulous green tint.

Silver Reef

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Water Color: Dark Gray

PolishedScapes Silver Reef swimming pool finish transforms your poolscape into a deep turquoise paradise. The luxurious dark gray and blue hues beckon you to take a swim in its cooling waters. Polished aggregates create a smooth surface.

Skipping Rock

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Water Color: Deep Dark Green

Mimic the appearance of a natural forest pond with the dark green pool water color produced by PolishedScapes Skipping Rock pool finish. This swimming pool interior finish’s dark gray polished marble and glass aggregates create an alluring and adventurous dark green-blue water with a smooth surface.

Sea Glass

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Water Color: Medium Green

The minty-green hues in PolishedScapes Sea Glass swimming pool finish transport you to a mountain pond of clear, beautiful, natural water. Polished aggregates provide the product’s glassy-smooth surface.

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One replacement Pentair LED Intellibrite Color 5G light with mood controller with the purchase of any pebble, polished or glass finish. Call for details.*

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