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Polished Pebble Pool Finishes

Looks Like Pebble, But is Smooth Like Plasterpolish2

This ultra premium pool finish combines the durability and natural look of a pebble pool with the smoothness of a polished surface. Some of the colors are accented with recycled glass that adds a prismatic dimension to the pool finish. Your pool is sure to have your guests asking where they can get this beautiful pool finish. You can expect the color of the water to vary depending on a variety of influences such as the position of the sun, whether the day is sunny or overcast, the pool design, the landscaping around the pool and the pool depth. The water color illustrations were created to show a range of color, for each pool finish, at a distance. Water color is considered to be subjective and your water color will be unique to your pool and its surroundings. Product samples may vary from printed samples. Finish color and consistency may differ due to variations in natural materials, plastering techniques and pool water chemistry.

Never re-plaster again!
• Fortified with the Pebble Edge Admixture
• Luxuriously Smooth and Resilient Texture
• Colorful Glass Accents available in some colors
• Lowest Lifecycle Cost Finish




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