Loop-Loc Aqua Xtreme Covers


Imagine opening your pool in the spring and having it look almost as clean as the day you closed it. That’s what you can expect from new Loop-Loc Aqua Xtreme Covers “Virtually Solid” mesh safety covers by LOOP-LOC®.
Our ultimate light blocking fabric not only deters algae growth but drains lightning-quick. Unlike other light blocking covers, this one drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging. Plus, the unique, new weave is super strong to give you complete peace of mind. Available in popular “Green” and new “Sapphire Navy.”


Loop-Loc Aqua Xtreme Covers put an unbreakable “lock” on your pool to protect your family. Only LOOP-LOC is available with the patented CABLE-LOC™ and GAPGUARD® Child Safety Intrusion Barriers. They close the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the cover’s edge, so there’s no way a child or pet can slip through.
LOOP-LOC’s exclusive Computer Aided Design ensures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool: from a simple square to the most complex installation, LOOP-LOC can manufacture a custom cover with the perfect fit for any pool or spa. LOOP-LOC always stays tight, clean and bautiful on your pool – unlike a saggy, unsightly waterbag cover that becomes a dangerous, slippery swamp after just a few rains.

Unlike solid waterbag covers, a LOOP-LOC requires no pumping, scrubbing or heavy maintenance. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove with LOOP-LOC’s unique anchoring system.

Benefits of Loop-Loc Aqua Xtreme Covers

  • Offers the ultimate in light blocking technology that deters algae growth, ensuring a cleaner pool in spring when your cover comes off
  • Has a unique, new weave mesh is super-strong and quick-draining
  • Is 50% lighter than solid safety covers for easy handling
  • Is available in popular Green and new Sapphire Navy


Over $1650 VALUE

Free installation, 2022 pool opening and closing with opening and closing chemicals with the purchase of any custom Loop-Loc  cover purchase. Offer valid on custom covers only. Call for full details.*

*Cannot be combined with any other deals. Expires 4/30/22.

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