Important Consumer News!

Drastic changes are happening in the pool warranty business.



One of the most important pieces of information you should take away from this year’s magazine is that the 4 biggest pool product companies are DRASTICALLY CHANGING THEIR WARRANTY POLICIES and will now REQUIRE AN AUTHORIZED and CERTIFIED COMPANY to install your new pump, heater, filter, cover or other pool components.

How might this drastic change effect you? In the past, Pentair offered repairs or replacements for a full year or more, regardless of who performed the installation. With pool owner safety and proper product performance in mind, they will now require the following criteria be met by the purchaser: To register for the extended warranty terms, a pool owner must submit a sales receipt along with a qualified installer’s invoice.



Pentair Aquatic Systems recently revised its longstanding program. Warranties on a number of Pentair’s products — including pumps, filters and heaters — will be limited to 60 days unless the equipment is installed by a recognized certified pool professional. In that case, it will be protected for one to five years, depending on the product.

Zodiac Pool Systems – (manufacturer of Jandy products and Polaris pool cleaner products) instituted a similar change earlier this year. So far, so good, said Troy Franzen, the Vista, Calif.-based manufacturer’s managing director.

Likewise, Elizabeth, N.J.-based Hayward Pool Products is extending its standard one-year warranty to two or three years on select products when installed by a recognized certified pool professional.

Loop Loc, located in Hauppage NY is one of the oldest pool cover manufacturers in the industry who has now changed their warranty. Any pool cover purchased from the internet and not installed by a recognized pool professional will be excluded from all warranties.

So, why not call Pools & Spas Service, Inc. if you are going to install any of the products manufactured by the companies mentioned above?
Manufacturers in other industries have experimented with similar warranty models. Makers of flat-screen televisions, for example, discovered early on that consumers weren’t properly mounting their new high-definition monitors to the walls, so they extended warranties by a year or so for products that are affixed professionally.



If you do need any new pool components this season: Filter, pump, heater, cover, etc, you should think twice about buying it online to save a few dollars. If you’re intending to buy from a local pool company, you should be 100% sure that they are, in fact, licensed and certified to install the products you buy. This is the only way to guarantee your warranty will be valid.

So How Do You Make The Right Choice?

Before you buy or hire anyone to repair or upgrade your pool, most consumer advocate companies suggest you ask the following questions:

1. Make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that the company or contractor performing the work is licensed, bonded and fully insured in New Jersey. Also, they must be certified and recognized by the manufacturer as a pool professional in order for any warranty to be valid. Make sure they have a valid N.J. CONTRACTOR LICENSE NUMBER and follow local and state permit requirements to ensure your product warranty will be enforced. If you use the wrong contractor, your warranty could be void.

2. Check for BBB ratings and third party reviews. Customer reviews and accreditations are the only way to sort out the shady pool installation services from the genuine article.

3. Find out how long they’ve been in business. While some emerging companies may be terrific, generally speaking, a company with a solid foundation of experience is always a smart choice to make.


Pools & Spas Service, Inc. is one of the few full time, certified companies who can install products and keep them in warranty from the 4 major pool product manufacturers.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Doing it yourself or calling an uncertified pool company will cost you BIG $$$ down the road.

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