NJ Passes Law that Requires License for Pool and Spa Service Contractors

• Effective July 30th 2019 Pool and Spa Service Contractors will be required to have license registered with the state.
• Only companies with certifications from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance will be able to obtain a license and legally operate a Pool Service Company in New Jersey.
• When choosing a service company customers should be sure to hire only companies who comply with the new laws.
• Pools & Spas Service, Inc. takes great pride in the fact that not only 1, but multiple technicians have achieved the certifications required to obtain a state license and maintain up-to-date education by attending off-season training each year.

New Regulations coming for Swimming Pool Pumps

• The U.S. Department of Energy has identified swimming pool pumps as Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps (DPPP) and developed “Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps”
• This is the result of a study finding that outside the home, energy usage is about 50% of all the energy used in a residential setting.
• These new regulations are proposed to go into effect this year. Taking action now is a great way to both save money and ensure your pool equipment will meet new government regulations.
• As a pool owner you should consider replacing your conventional pool pump when needed; or for immediate savings of up to $500.00 per year; with a Variable Speed Pump that will meet the new Energy Conservation Standards set forth by the Department of Energy.

Suction Entrapment Prevention

• While swimming pools can be a great place to relax with your family, they also can cause dangers to bathers if proper preventative measures are not taken.
• Years ago the pool industry was enlightened about anti-entrapment drain covers and their protective value to swimming pools. New protective measures can be taken to provide layers of protection against entrapment.
• We no longer only concern ourselves just with the drain covers but about the entire Suction Outlet Fitting Assembly or SOFA, as well as type and sizing of the pool pump.
• With a few quick measurements and a visual inspection we can confirm that existing SOFA’s are operating how they were designed to in order to prevent dangerous situations in the swimming pool.
• That inspection, along with a Safety Vacuum Release System, will provide the best preventative measures you can take.


If any of the above issues have you concerned, we offer a service in the form of a multi-point inspection to bring to your attention any non-compliant issues.

Potential Hazard and Efficiency Audit Service: Regularly $295.00 + tax. Up until 4/30, $225.00 + tax (Pool must be open for inspection