If you want to open up to a clean pool and less of a mess this Spring, then you need to have a winter maintenance plan. Call Pools & Spas Service, Inc. today and we will handle it all for you. Whether you have a Water Bag cover, Solid or Mesh safety cover, this service is for you.

Improper water chemistry can be extremely harmful to your pool surface. A pools PH level is one of the most important chemical parameters through the winter months. If your Ph level drops below 7.0 for an extended period of time the water becomes acidic. This can cause etching in the plaster. Any dissolved metals in the pool water can leave harsh stains on the pool walls and floor. If your PH level climbs up above 8.0 for an extended period of time it can lead to scaling and/or discoloration of pool walls and floor. Both of these scenarios lead to a much more expensive spring clean-up.

Pools & Spas Service, Inc. removes the apprehensive curiosity on what has happened to your water chemistry over the harsh winter conditions. We test and adjust your chemicals while your pool still remains closed.

Program Service is Once a month (Nov – March)(pending weather conditions)

Contact our professional and knowledgeable office staff for additional information on our Wintershield Program.


  • Clean cover of small amounts of water and/or debris
  • Fold back cover in deep end and attached spa(if applicable)
  • Check operation of step and/or cover pump(s)
  • Test pool/spa chemicals using the most advanced water testing system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced
  • Real time managerial oversight from a certified maintenance specialist of pool chemicals and services rendered for quality assurance
  • Set up our own portable vacuum system to circulate water
  • We test for the top 10 chemical parameters and balance them to recommended industry standards
  • Adding of necessary chemicals(when weather conditions permit)
  • Allow 15 to 20 minutes for chemicals to circulate
  • Reinstall cover back on pool and attached spa
  • Wintershield service includes up to one hour(additional time will be charged at $37.50 per man, per half hour)



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