Pool Renovation Monmouth County NJ

Pool Renovation Monmouth County NJ
Pool Renovation Monmouth County NJ

Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Pools & Spas Service Inc. offers professional pool renovation services in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Our remodeling services leave your backyard looking stunning. Our job is to create an image of your dreams, whether that’s adding Quartz Pool Finishes, Pebble Pool Finishes, Pool Coping, Pool Tile,  Pool Decking/Stamped Concrete, Pool Liners and or Pool Covers We provide options to meet your pool needs and turn your backyard into a desert oasis. We have been in business for over two decades, have an A+ BBB rating, are fully insured and are open ALL YEAR LONG.

Upgrade Your Backyard with Pool Remodeling

Whether you’re looking to repair surface damage or upgrade with a complete pool makeover, Pool And Spas Service Inc.  has you covered. No matter what pool renovation project you’re proposing, Pool And Spas Service Inc.  has more options to offer than any other pool remodeling company in the area. Our expert knowledge is unmatched.

Pool Liners

Pools & Spas Service, Inc. is the premier Pool Liner Installation And Repair company in Monmouth County NJ. Pools & Spas Service, Inc. has been replacing pool liners in the Monmouth County NJ Area for 19 years. We offer top of the line pool liners from companies such as LOOP-LOC® Luxury Liners, Premier® Vinyl Liners, Embossed Liners,  GLI TrueStone Collection, and GLI Designer Series All our Pool liners come with Limited Warranty. We help the pool owner with all aspects of  pool liner replacement, Our experts will come in and assess the condition of your liner and help you choose the best option for your pool.

Pool Covers

Pools & Spas Service, Inc. is Monmouth County NJ most trusted Pool Covers installation company, Our premier LOOP-LOC® covers can help you with keeping your swimming pool clean and maintain the equipment, getting a cover for your pool will cut down on energy use and costs, evaporation, and save you time. We offer a wide selection of covers, Super Dense Mesh, Ultra Loc III Pool Covers, And Loop-Loc Aqua Extreme Covers.

Pool Decking/Stamped Concrete

With the help of Pools & Spas Service, Inc., you can have the backyard of your dreams by updating your old or worn out pool decking. With dozens of patterns and colors to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. Our stamped concrete system is a great way to add a decorative element to your concrete pool decking. The specialized technique we use allows plain, grey concrete to take on the look of many others surfaces with much less maintenance involved.

Pool Finishes

Made from nature’s finest materials to create the most luxurious pool finish in the world, Our pool finishes are a great choice for refinishing your pool when ultimate value counts. Available in 4 distinctive styles our pool finishes Quartz Pool Finishes,  Pebble Pool Finishes, Pebbles Glass Pool Finishes  and Polished Pebble Pool Finishes will transform your pool into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance, contemporary flash or something in between, nothing captivates the imagination like this amazing pool finish.

Pool Coping

Pools & Spas Service Inc. is your local expert who specializes in total pool renovations. In fact, we have the largest selection of tile and brick safety coping and our materials are honed from the finest bricks and natural stone available. The end result is safe, durable and beautiful pool coping that will accent any inground pool. Call us today for a complete consultation and pool review. Our pool renovation expert will discuss your specific pool and your goals for renovating.

Pool Tile

Pools & Spas Service, Inc. offers a complete line of the latest and most fashionable designs of swimming pool and spa tiles, Nature’s Own line and the complete line of Artistry in Mosaics. Whatever your needs, Pools & Spas Service, Inc. can supply you with the products to give you the beautiful swimming pool and backyard you desire.

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