Gold Service-Rite Maintenance Program


  • Pre season service.
  • Client will receive a phone call 2-3 days before scheduled date to confirm opening date.
  • Worry-free pool care performed by uniformed employees.
  • Opening your pool: includes the removal and folding of cover (cover will be left poolside to dry out). Installation of all return fittings, ladders, skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and sanitation devices.
  • Installation of all filter, heater, and pump plugs. Priming and starting of all pumps, cleaners, and water features. Inspection of all equipment and advising client if there are any visible concerns.
  • Up to 2 consecutive initial cleanings immediately following the opening to get the pool swim ready (excludes Sundays). This includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing, and balancing chemical adjustments.
  • Quality control inspection by a certified & licensed senior technician. Return visit after cover has had time to dry, to store cover in place of clients choosing.
  • 14 weekly cleanings after pool is swim ready.
  • Algae free guarantee: top of the line chemicals (chemicals are included) to manage water chemistry and allow customers to enjoy their pool all season. Pools & Spas Service, Inc. uses a chemical that oxidizes to break down contaminants in the water to increase sanitizer effectiveness, resulting in clean and clear water.
  • The most advanced water testing system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. This is not a test strip. We test for the top 10 chemical parameters in the industry and balance them to recommended standards.
  • Maintenance of entire pool: including backwashing (noting of filter pressure before and after), emptying of skimmer and pump baskets, skimming of pool, cleaning of scum line, cleaning of automatic cleaner bag/filter, and brushing of walls (if needed).
  • Weekly e-mails including photo of pool after service, current chemical readings, and services rendered during that visit.
  • Real time managerial oversight from a certified maintenance specialist of pool chemicals and services rendered for quality assurance.
  • Top of the line pool cleaning equipment that allows us to not use the clients equipment, preventing premature wear and tear.
  • Up to 2 filter cleanings included (D.E. or cartridge only) on an as needed basis depending on environment, pressure readings, and the age of the filter.
  • Priority service on all requested repairs with no trip charge.
  • 34 Vehicle fleet to get to clients within 24-48 hours of clients request.
  • Discounted labor rates and discounted parts: Regular labor rate is $275. Under this package the labor rate is $150 for the first hour.
  • Additional weeks of service are available for $150 without a spa or $160 with a spa per visit with chemicals included.
  • Guarantee pool chemicals at closing to be at recommended industry standards(must have consecutive services up until your closing date).
  • Closing your pool: includes removal of ladders, sanitation devices, handrails, return fittings and skimmer baskets. Adding of winterizing chemicals. Blowing out and plugging (where applicable) of all lines and equipment. Installation of your cover. Setting up of cover and/or step pump(s) and inspection of cover condition, bringing any concerns to the clients attention.
  • Upgrade to Platinum: You get everything included in the Gold Package plus 4 additional weekly cleanings of service and our 12 month a year service plan (including Heater Maintenance and Wintershields) for just an additional $800.


Why Us?

Fully trained technicians- We have a fleet of 34 trucks fully stocked and ready to service your pool or spa to ensure you are ready to start the season off right. Our team of certified trained specialists all have one goal in mind. To serve you with all of your maintenance, service and repair needs. Whether it’s keeping your pool sparkling clean or diagnosing your filter equipment, our technicians and maintenance staff are fully educated through APSP and certified in their specialty to take the guess work out of servicing and maintaining your pool.

We’re ready to serve you- Pools & Spas Service Inc., is one of the only pool service, maintenance, and renovation companies open all year round. We serve Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer and Middlesex counties with a focus not only on quality service, but also on building and maintaining relationships with our clientele.
Personal Service has always been our first priority-Our highly trained office staff is prepared to provide the same type of quality assistance you have come to expect. If you are new to us, we know first impressions matter so ensuring your experience is a pleasant one is a top priority from your first communication with us.

A few words about our departments:

Maintenance- Our maintenance technicians use the most advanced water testing systems available to the industry as well as the safest, most efficient chemicals to keep your pool clean and clear all season long.

Service and repairs- Whether it’s a broken pump or a leak in your pool liner you can’t trace, we have the latest technology to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Renovations- We take great pride in turning your backyard into a paradise with attractive accents like stamped concrete decking, tile, stone coping, plaster finishes, in-ground vinyl liners and covers that are made to last.

Finally, whether it’s a quiet Saturday afternoon with family or a long weekend of entertaining, our goal is to take the stress and worry out of your pool this season so please reach out to us today to book your Maintenance, Service and or Renovations needs to make your 2024 season an unforgettable one!

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