Glass Pool Finish Monmouth County NJ

Glass Pool Finish Monmouth County NJ
Glass Pool Finish Monmouth County NJ

Why You Should Consider Wet Edge for your Pool Finish

A pool’s interior finish has the power to take the design to a whole new level of style and grace.

If you’re currently resurfacing your pool or have recently started a major outdoor upgrade project, choosing the material for your pool’s interior is probably one of the most essential decisions you’ll have to make!

In addition to your budget, several significant factors, such as how much pool maintenance you’re willing to do, whether your pool is indoor or outdoor, as well as the general durability and cost of the pool finish that you have in mind, should be taken into consideration when choosing the type of interior pool finish.

Wet Edge is a celebrated brand that has set the bar for sleek, contemporary pool finishes. The company actually offers over 70 different color choices to choose from across a range of pool finish lines, ensuring that you’ll be spoiled for choice when making your selection.

Though there are a variety of finish options out there on the market to choose from, here we will take an in-depth look at industry leader, Wet Edge.

What is Wet Edge?

Wet Edge is a top-notch pool finish producer and one of the best in the business. Wet Edge is made with a ground-breaking combination of premium stones, natural aggregates, and performance-improving additives that work together to create stunning and long-lasting interior pool surfaces. The concept was developed to give pool interiors a more durable, beautiful, and long-lasting surface. After many years of exposure to the elements of nature, Wet Edge products will maintain their original finish.

Not only do they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, but also provide a wide range of premium finishes, including:

  • Polished finish

  • 100% quartz finish

  • Modified plaster finish

  • Exposed pebble finishes

Their wide range of finishes offered at various price points ensure there is something for every style and budget. Additionally, Wet Edge also provides a selection of pebble finishes—helpful to mind if you’re looking for a lower-cost pebble finish.

What Types of Wet Edge Finishes Can I Choose From?

Wet Edge provides the latest innovations in quartz, exposed aggregate, and glass bead additions for long-lasting, incredibly durable results in practically any hue you might desire. Because of its elegant appearance, silky feel, and exquisite appeal, Wet Edge is loved by pool owners across South Florida for its dramatic impact. 

A few guidelines for choosing your Wet Edge Finish include: 

Budget – Establishing your budget is the best way to decide which finish is best for you. Our sales reps can walk you through the various options we provide as well as the price range for each, to help you make the best choice for your project.

Water Color – The color of your finish will also be greatly influenced by the water color you use. Do you prefer Electric Blue water, light Bahamas blue, or something that seems more like a lagoon with Aquamarine waters? Depending on the stones and dye used in the finish, the depth of the pool, and its surrounds, various finishes produce a variety of water colors.

Be sure to check out Wet Edge’s free guide to Choosing a Water Color!

Pebbles & Dye – If the water color isn’t as crucial to you as the actual finish color, start with a few examples that appeal to you and narrow it down. Do you prefer the look of black or white pebbles? Do you prefer finishes with glass stones or even finishes with different colored pebbles? This is what you’ll see when you’re looking down at your pool.

Existing Pool Features  Another crucial factor is the already present pool features. Choosing a finish that blends in with the existing tile is always a fantastic place to start if you don’t want to replace the current tile in your pool. Your tile and finish should complement one another rather than compete. Pick a finish that, when combined with the current characteristics, will leave you speechless.

Do Wet Edge Pool Finishes Come With a Warranty?

A truly durable, beautiful, and long-lasting pool finish is comprised of three elements. The first is a quality product. The second is a quality installation. The third is a properly maintained pool.

Wet Edge and Pools And Spas Service take a proactive approach in each of these three areas AND back it up with a meaningful and honest warranty to protect your finish. You should enjoy a truly durable, beautiful & long-lasting pool finish. Once you register your pool with Wet Edge, you can count on a 15-year warranty for full peace of mind.

From excellent customer service to high-quality finishes designed to last, we feel confident that you won’t be disappointed!