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Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters Installation

We Supply Premium Rheem Pool Heaters

Relaxation Starts Here

rheem pool heater nj 283x300 Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters InstallationHere in New Jersey, if you want to use your pool early and late in the season, you know the importance of a quality pool heater. When you call Pools and Spas Service Inc. you can rest assured that the last thing that you need to think about is your pool heater not getting the job done.

Since you expect to be comfortable and don’t want to break the bank with energy costs, we install only Rheem pool heaters. They are best choice that you can make. With Rheem, you get top quality, innovative products that come with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. This is why we say, “Relax, It’s Rheem” Rheem Quality and Comfort

steampool 300x182 Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters InstallationRheem pool heaters provide year-round comfort for your pool or spa and are unmatched in features and benefits. They are designed to make your pool or spa the most comfortable place on earth. Today we maintain our reputation as a worldwide industry leader by assuring that our product quality is unmatched and by setting the standards for support and service.
Rheem Engineered

All Rheem products must pass rigorous engineering design standards. This means every heater design has been tested and certified at a Rheem research and development facility. This includes environmental chamber testing, fatigue testing, performance testing as well as shipping and handling tests. This ensures that the smallest detail is not over looked and every unit built is first quality. This strategic focus allows for on going heater product innovation and improvements. Rheem heaters are among the leaders in the pool and spa industry and will continue to be a leader in the years to come.

Microprocessor-Controlled Thermostat

The Rheem Digital gas heater comes with a microprocessor-based control center. This allows you to set your pool or spa temperature precisely at your preferred setting by simply pressing the up or down temperature control button. The digital display provides a constant readout of your pool or spa water temperature. Just set it, and forget it! Truly simple. If only your VCR were this easy to operate.


Troubleshooting a Rheem gas heater has never been easier. The Rheem Digital has on-board diagnostic controls that let the user and the service professional know what is going on with the heater at all times. In the unlikely event that a problem develops the digital display easily points out the problem and the probable cause. It’s like having a service technician built into every heater!

Remote Compatible

The new Rheem Digital is compatible with most major pool control and remote systems on the market today. Any two- or three-wire remote can connect to the Rheem Digital and be integrated into the pool control system of your choice.

Stainless Steel Burners

digitalgas burnertray Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters Installation

Burner design is a critical component in any gas heater. The stainless steel burner system used in the Rheem Digital is inherently forgiving and extremely robust. The burner is self-adjusting to compensate for gas pressure fluctuations, allowing the heater to always burn clean and safe.

Smooth Light Off

The soft-opening gas valve ensures smooth turn-on; no “Hard Light” to worry about. Easily removable burner tray and pilot assembly make service and maintenance a simple task.

Pilot Ignition

The Rheem Digital use a spark-to-pilot ignition system. This is the most reliable and robust ignition system available- an industry proven standard for over 20 years.

Cool Running

The ceramic fiber combustion chamber keeps your heater running efficiently while ensuring the outside jacket stays cool. By using this space-age material, the heater won’t retain residual heat after it is turned off, allowing it to be installed without the need for excessive clearances. This heater is also certified for installation on a combustible surface.

Wind-Resistant Design

rheem pool heater nj 283x300 Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters InstallationPerformance and reliability are enhanced by the “pagoda top,” designed to keep the Rheem Digital operating even in windy conditions. No need for fans to combat drafting problems. This heater is engineered to draft naturally in outdoor installations with its exclusive low-profile design. It is so thoughtfully and carefully constructed it actually protects itself from the things that tend to stifle ordinary pool and spa heaters. It delivers uninterrupted heating performance regardless of falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, snow, etc.

PolyTuf Textured Powder Coating

The Rheem Digital has a polyester-coated, non-corrosive cabinet that is more durable than solventborne- and waterborne-coated metal cabinets. Every piece of sheet metal goes through a 7-stage wash system, making certain the powder paint has a perfect bond. Underneath the tough, yet beautiful finish you will find galvanized metal that offers superior rust prevention for years of durable service.

Condensation-Free Operation

digitalgas unitherm Save $575.00 On Pool Heaters InstallationBoth water temperature and flow rate inside the heater are controlled to help eliminate condensation, sooting and scale build-up that can shorten the life of a heater. Rheem engineered the Unitherm Governor specifically for pool and spa heater applications, regulating low temperature incoming water to help reduce condensation.

Rust-Free Waterways

The Rheem Digital is equipped with polymer headers and an integral copper fin tube heat exchanger built with stainless steel tube sheets. This ensures rust-free performance, especially important when heating spas. Even the smallest details, such as the studs and nuts, are made out of stainless steel. The payoff? A heater that will last year after year and can easily be serviced if the need should ever arise.

Call the pool heating experts at Pools and Spas at 732-761-0061 for a FREE analysis on which Rheem Pool Heater will do the job for you.