Reliable, Durable Pumps for Inground Pools

At Pools and Spas Service Inc. we take every aspect of your pool seriously and strive to provide the perfect product for your needs and budget.  Below are the 4 different Pentair Pumps that we sell, service and install.  We chose Pentair because they provide the best quality and best warranty in the pool business. Plus, every Pentair pool pump outperforms the other competing brands when it comes to economy, capability and longevity.

We install top quality Pentair SVRS IntelliFlo™ pumps and IntelliFlo 2 VST pump in Monmouth County.   We sell  Pentair pool pumps because they are the best in every way that counts.   They  deliver the power you need and are the safest and most economical in the industry. Maximum water flow. Peak efficiency. Rugged durability. Quiet operation. For every installation from a backyard spa to an exotic resort retreat, Pentair offers the right pump for the heart of your system.

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