Throughout the entire month of May, there has been a focus on water safety. Keep in mind though, we (humans) aren’t the only ones who enjoy a dip in the pool every now and again. Our poolside pets also enjoy splashing around in the water with us and their safety is also important.

Teach your dog how to swim. This task may seem daunting, but swimming can be taught to pets, much like any other command they know. In fact, pets that live in homes with a pool should be taught to swim for their safety. Dogs that are more comfortable around and in water are less likely to have accidents. If you feel that your pup is resistant or hesitant about your training techniques, try hiring a professional. Not all dogs were meant to be Olympic swimmers, but they should feel comfortable jumping in the pool and paddling around when the time comes.

Get your pup the necessary swim gear. Safety swim gear isn’t only for humans. Dogs can also wear life vests (they’ll look much cuter than us) when they need help in the swimming department. If you find your canine companion just isn’t into swimming, a life vest or jacket may be the pawfect solution for them. They will be able to enjoy a day by the pool with you, keeping your mind at ease knowing they are safe even if they take an unexpected dip in the pool.

Keep an eye on swimming pets. Much like children, pets should be supervised when they are swimming. Be sure to closely monitor your pup when swimming to judge their mood. If you notice your pet tiring it may be time to have them take a break. Also, be ready to spring into action when necessary since there are many pet pool hazards that can affect your dog’s time in the pool. Be sure to know the signs of a pet pool accident and take the steps necessary to avoid them when possible.

Cool your pet down. The summer months are hot, and the heat only intensifies near water. Be sure to keep your poolside pet hydrated with easy access to shade when the heat becomes too much for them. Remember that your pet cannot communicate discomfort in the same way as their human counterparts. Keep a close watch over your furbaby and ensure their safety when it comes to the summer sun.