Pool Pumps Bradley Beach NJ

Pool Pumps Bradley Beach NJ
Pool Pumps Bradley Beach NJ

Pool Pumps Bradley Beach NJ

When you are remodeling your swimming pool and updating the surface material of your pool it is the perfect time to replace your old inefficient pool equipment with more cost efficient equipment. Our pumps offer a variety of manufacturers and types of pumps, heaters, filters, and pool cleaners to fit your every need. Today homeowners face many challenges including rising energy costs, more costly water supplies, noise abatement ordinances, and a highlighted universal social awareness. New technologies and more advanced and efficient product designs allow homeowners to make better environmental choices and enjoy lower costs. In addition, the energy companies offer a variety of rebate programs that encourage homeowners to upgrade their pool equipment.

Booster Pump for Pressure-side Cleaning Cuts Energy Costs by Over 25%*

The Boost-Rite pump from Pentair powers up your pressure-side cleaner over 25%* more efficiently than other booster pumps on the market. It uses an advanced 5-stage impeller design to deliver greater water pressure for more powerful cleaning. Boost-Rite Booster Pump has 1 in. fittings that allow for better flow and greater efficiency. The Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor design allows the pump to run cooler and quieter.

  • 5-stage impeller design cuts electricity use by up to 25%*
  • Provides 50psi @ 13.2 US GPM
  • Quieter operation for a more relaxing poolside experience
  • The Boost-Rite pump delivers greater water pressure for more powerful pressure-side cleaning

*Actual energy usage may vary based upon plumbing size and length and other hydraulic factors.

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The Superflo VS Pump is the Perfect Pump for Everyday Pools Requiring Up to a 1.5 Hp Pump

This entry level variable speed pump is designed for the pool only non-automated swimming pool owner looking for a quiet, energy efficient reliable pool pump.   Designed for installation in pools needing up to a 1.5 HP pump.  Designed for quiet operation utilizing a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor.


  • Easy installation to 115/230 volt service.
  • Includes built in real time 24 hour time clock.
  • Simple, easy to use digital control keypad.

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High Performance Variable Speed Pumps

Traditional pool pumps have offered a limited number of single-speed and two-speed designs. Their motor speeds are set and unchangeable. These set speeds are almost always higher than required, thereby overpowering the jobs they are assigned to do, which wastes energy. What’s more, these pumps rely on induction motors that are notorious energy hogs. In fact, even so-called “energy-efficient” pumps can cost more to operate than almost all other home appliances combined. Pump-related electric costs typically total hundreds of dollars per year—and often more than $1,000 in areas with the highest energy rates.

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