Memorial Day weekend is drawing near and bringing the official start to pool season with it. For pool owners everywhere, Memorial Day serves as the first pool party of the season. That’s a lot of pressure for one event! However, with the proper theme, decor, and food, the first party of the season is sure to be one to remember. Read on to learn how to make the most of Memorial Day weekend with these pool party tips.

  1. Select a party theme. Everyone loves a good theme party (don’t knock it until you’ve attended one!). Stir up excitement for the summer ahead with a cliché party theme. Choosing a theme will not only boost the status of your pool party, but it will also help you decide on decorations and party accessories (luau themed flatware is always a good idea).
  1. Make your party exclusive with a guest list. While text messages are a great way to get the word out about a party, invitations make the event special. Whether they are mailed or sent online, an invitation will get your guests excited for the big day. Invitations can even tie into the theme of your party. This is also a great tool to remind guests to bring a bathing suit and other pool accessories as needed. After all, no one enjoys a pool party where they can’t swim.
  1. Set up your backyard for success. The theme is chosen, the invitations are sent, now it’s time to decide on the perfect outdoor setup. You’ll want to make sure that furniture is organized in a manner that allows people to easily communicate with each other, move around the space, and relax in the sun as necessary. There is no better way to spend a pool party than soaking up the sun with friends.
  1. Perfect your menu. Be sure to offer food and beverages to your guests. They’ll be working up an appetite from swimming so be sure to offer snacks that will keep their energy up. If you are unsure of what exactly to serve, let the theme of your party help you decide. Traditional barbeque food is also an excellent choice. Whatever menu you decide on, be sure to speak with guests about dietary restrictions and allergies to ensure you have something for everyone.
  1. Don’t forget the pool toys. People of all ages enjoy playing in the pool and you better believe that the pool will be the center of attention on Memorial Day. Be sure to have the trendiest floats and fun pool games such as water basketball or volleyball on hand. Your guests will be so impressed by all your pool has to offer, they won’t know which game to play first.
  1. Find your summer anthem. All winter long, there are songs that are released that would be “just perfect” for the warmer weather. Well, the time to test that theory has arrived. Be sure to create a playlist that both you and your guests will enjoy. Remember, music can set the vibe for the entire event, so think carefully before making any final decisions.
  2. Make sure your pool is ready to go. Pools & Spas Service Inc. is here to help with all your pool needs.

Memorial Day weekend will be the first in a long line of summer pool parties. Start the season off with a splash by using these tips to make the most of your pool party.