Algae Buster Service


From Green Pool to Refreshing Oasis with Our Proven Algae Buster Servicealgebuster

Has your pool turned green? Don’t worry, it’s easy to have a green pool cleaned by the team at Pools & Spas Service, Inc. but the faster you take action the better off you’ll be.

A green pool is repulsive to look at and it’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other nasty bacteria that pose a risk to your health and safety. If that wasn’t enough, green pools that sit too long can stain the plaster of your pool. If this happens, you will have to drain the pool in order to apply a chemical bath to remove the stain.

Pools & Spas is extremely efficient at correcting the problems associated with pools that have gone green. The way we address your green pool will vary based on the severity of the problem.

Designed to kill Algae and prevent Algae growth. This allows your pool to be opened with clear water and saves on chemical usage at spring start up. WARNING! Your pool chemicals are weak, therefore allowing Algae growth to occur. Take advantage of this service and have no worries about opening to a dark green or black pool.

NOTE: Pools with mesh safety covers are extremely susceptible to heavy Algae growth.




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